Thursday, November 03, 2005

Three Small Things

This is a very small update, especially by my standards, but it's stuff I think is worth mentioning:

First, the deadline to submit articles for the "Forward" newsletter described in my previous post has been extended to November 7. Check out for more info. Please do it if you have the time.

Second, I updated my links. Gone is the defunct NewPolitics1, up are another Feingold for President site, Friends of Feingold, and the great Wisconsin blog Forward Our Motto.

Third, yesterday my counter passed the 10,000 hits mark. That's not especially significant considering I added it a couple of months after I started the blog; and, also, about 5,000 of those hits are probably me checking to see if I had any new comments. But still, the other 5,000 hits...that's rather impressive. To me at least. So, thank you to all my visitors!

Let's keep going Forward!

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