Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Feingold '08 speculation in Hotline

Chris Bowers at myDD.com posted some comments from Hotline regarding the possibility of Senator Feingold making a presidential run.

The Hotline comments include a source stating that Feingold has "every intention of continuing to use his voice to build the party, to speak out on important issues and to advance a progressive reform agenda that not only has a lot of support" in WI "but across the country."

Bowers calls Feingold "an intriguing possibility" and notes that "Even though he has won three terms in the US Senate, he actually is still known as a "reformer" and an "outsider"... "

I urge you all to read the whole post, and show your support for a Feingold candidacy in the comments section. It's great to see that Feingold's name is already being discussed around the web!

Thanks to my anonymous commenter on the previous post who pointed this article out to me. Please email me any good Feingold articles you find, and I'll acknowledge you when I post them.



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