Monday, March 07, 2005

Remembering Sylvia Feingold

The Janesville Gazette, the Senator's hometown paper, ran a nice article remembering the Senator's mother, Sylvia Feingold.

Here's the beginning of it, you can read the rest here

Every time David Feingold ate a piece of pie that wasn't baked by his mother, he apologized to her.

"How dare you,'' she lovingly scolded him.

Sylvia Feingold was loved and respected by her family and friends for many of her admirable traits.

She spoke four languages in addition to English-French, German, Italian and Spanish-enjoyed word games and cooking, the arts, learning, traveling and politics.

Sylvia, 86, died Wednesday of cancer at her Janesville home where she had lived since 1948.

"My mother was a wonderful woman who imparted a deep love for life to everyone she knew,'' Sen. Russ Feingold said in a prepared statement. He was traveling Thursday and not available to talk to a reporter.

"Everybody would go crazy for her pies,'' David said, explaining that cooking gave Sylvia great joy.



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