Friday, January 14, 2005

More from the Journal-Sentinel

Earlier this week the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel featured an article titled "Bigger Things Seem Possible for Feingold"; it's a good piece, read it here if you haven't already.

Among the interesting pieces of information in this article: Feingold was recently made a Deputy Whip for the Senate Democrats. It kind of surprises me that they'd give him a leadership position, since he's a maverick, but it's great news. I feel good knowing my two favorite senators, Feingold and Durbin, both have places in the party's Senate leadership.

There's also this quote from Feingold's recent Senate campaign manager:

"There is no doubt that Sen. Feingold will be looked at as a new voice for the party as it moves forward," Aldrich wrote in a statement. "He has every intention of continuing to use his voice to build the party, to speak out on important issues and to advance a progressive reform agenda that not only has a lot of support in Wisconsin but across the country."
Sounds good!

Also quoted in the article are Charlie Wishman and Eric Hungerford of

And speaking of, make sure to check out the discussion forums over there, I recently joined under the incredibly original name BloggerDan.



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